Programs We Offer

Personal Care Aide Program

For over 40 years, Recco has been the leader in providing personal care aide services to the ill, aged and infirm throughout New York. Recco has serviced and helped thousands and thousands of home care recipients remain in their homes and get the best possible care. Providing personal care to you or your loved one is our specialty. Whether it is assistance with bathing and dressing, preparing meals, transferring and ambulation or just shopping and light housekeeping. Whatever your needs are….Recco’s staff is equipped to handle them all.
All personal care services are performed under the direction and supervision of our Registered Nurse Supervisors. The RN Supervisor will visit the home on a continuing basis and evaluate the patients needs to ensure they are receiving optimal care. The RN Supervisors are on-call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Shared Aide and Cluster Care Experience

Recco has over twelve years of combined Cluster Care and Shared Aide experience. These programs have dual functions to maximize employee productivity and to save money for the local Departments of Social Services.

• Shared Aide

Recco has successfully facilitated the implementation of Shared Aide in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Our Shared Aide Programs have been highly praised by Department of Social Services, personnel and clients.

• Cluster Care

Additionally, Recco provides Cluster Care to clients in a heavily populated town in Suffolk County – Smithtown. This program is popularly described as horizontal Shared Aide. Instead of the population confined to multiple dwellings, it is spread out within town borders. For those clients in a cluster care setting, Recco is able to provide a cluster care aide to a series of clients located in close proximity to each other. This program has proven to be a cost savings method of service delivery.

The Cluster Care employees like the Shared Aide Employees are united through beepers and cell phones.

Expanded In-Home Services for the Elderly (EISEP)

Recco has been a personal care aide provider of the Expanded In-Home Services for the Elderly for over twelve years.
As the aging population continues to increase, the need for Expanded In-Home Care Services is clear. Our training program emphasizes caring for the elderly including attitudes toward older persons, their basic needs and some general characteristics of the elderly. Normal physical and emotional changes that occur during the aging process are also addressed.

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